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Available Services

Just like every human is unique, each and every dog has its own individualized personality and characteristics. Therefore, a one-size-fits-all dog training service offering simply doesn’t make sense. Every client I work with begins with a consultation, where we discuss your present situation. We discuss behavioral concerns, specific needs and what future goals you want to achieve with dog training. Then, this allows us to pinpoint the perfect plan curated just for you. That plan can include one or more of the following services:

Board & Train
Board & Train Details

(10-21 days)

  • Multi-day training in my personal home environment

  • A fast and efficient way to establish the foundation for a balanced dog

  • Provides a crash course for building needed structure and routine

  • Ability to address behavioral issues in a more controlled situation 

  • Teaches your dog about what is expected of them in the home

  • Lays the groundwork for basic & advanced obedience

  • Provides opportunities to learn from my personal balanced pack

  • House training basics include; potty & crate training

  • And so much more

Dog Training
Basic Obedience
Basic Obedience Details

(4 x 60-minute In-Home Lessons)

  • Ideal for puppies, new dogs, and minor behavioral needs

  • Basic manners: jumping, leash walking, focus/attention

  • Basic commands: sit, down, stay, starting recall/come

  • Crate training introduction

  • Establishing routine, structure, & expectations

  • Socialization education 

  • Daily action plan/checklist to stay consistent

Doggie Stay
Advanced Obedience
Advanced Obedience Details

(8 x 60-minute In-Home Lessons)

  • Build on the basics or address more complex behavioral issues

  • Includes all basic obedience

  • Advanced manners: establishing calmness & patience, polishing recall, refining heel & leash manners, teaching thresholds (no bolting through doorways)

  • Advanced commands: Continue recall/come, place, back, out

  • Additional crate training if needed

  • Socialization; no lunging, polite greetings, no barking

  • Daily action plan/checklist to stay consistent 

Child walking dog
A La Carte Home Lessons
A La Carte Home Lessons Details
  • Single one-hour session at your home

  • Great when you need a refresher

  • Or want to work on something specific

Dogs with Dog Walker
Public Outings & Socializing
Public Outings & Socializing Details
  • Organized public outing

  • Train for well-mannered obedient behavior in public settings

  • Build calm, nonreactive behavior around other people and dogs

  • Feel confident with your dog in all settings

  • Must go through a board & train or other obedience programs first

Dog Walker
Dog Walking
Dog Walking Details
  • Controlled well-mannered leash walk

  • With & without other obedient pack members

  • Length & time determined upon scheduling 

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